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Friday, February 06, 2009

Still catching up....October and November 2008

The third week of October John and I took Zoey and Hannah to Hannah's soccer tournament in Las Vegas. First, we visited with our good friends, Curt and Brenda Alcorn and then we took the girls to ride the big roller coaster, visit the M&M store and eat at a big buffet.
Then the games started. Hannah played for two days and had some really stiff competition. Unfortunately, her team did not win but they played their hearts out. It was pretty warm there and I was glad I wasn't playing! We did a good job cheering them on.
Hannah is pretty serious about the game to come.
Hannah's team gets a pep talk during one of the half-times. Her coach is pretty tough!
However, win or lose, we had a great time together and look forward to doing it again sometime.

October 31st.......Halloween speaks for itself! Scary! Is that you Nick and Sam?
Nikki fixing food for the whole crew!
John with the burgler Bart!
Sara the witch!

The first of November brought us millions of falling leaves! Wow! We had no clue what we were getting into when we bough a house with big trees all around it! Danny and John filled a 100 bags with the stuff!Right after the first of the month (November), our first snow came. It was beautiful and left a magical white blanket over everything.
Sara Ashby celebrated her 8th birthday and it was fun being with her during her special day.

All the grandkids made minature smores to remind them of how the pilgrims probably cooked that first Thanksgiving dinner over campfires.

Thanksgiving morning.....a family tradition is that the guys go out target practicing or shooting rabbits (heaven forbid!) while the girls fix the turkey dinner! A great dinner to remember the many bounteous blessings we have all been blessed with.


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