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Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter - April 12, 2009

Our youngest son, Danny, along with Chelsea and Blake, went to church with us Easter Sunday.It was very different celebrating Easter back in America again! There were no big plates of red eggs and only a few people sent me a text saying "Hiristos a inviat!" but we were blessed to be with our family again and that made it extra special. We started the Easter week with General Conference the weekend before. This was very wonderful for us as Elder Christofferson had sent us four tickets to every session in the conference center. We attended all sessions and were able to take some great people with us. One was an investigator, another an inactive member, another had been excommunicated years before and is slowly coming back to the church and last of all, a couple who are struggling as they are losing their business in this bad economic condition the country is in. I tell you this because it meant a lot to all of them to attend and feel the spirit that exists in the conference center. Elder Holland gave a beautiful talk on the Savior on Sunday morning and that was the perfect start of our Easter week. On Monday, John and I held Family Home Evening with all our grandkids and showed them the video on the Saviors last week of life and his crucifixon. At the part where Jesus was hung on the cross, one of our little 6 year old grandsons cried out and said, "stop this grandma, it's too horrible and I can't bear to watch it!" I was really touched that it affected him that way and felt like we had really helped the kids understand a little better the gifts that Christ had given each of us. On Easter weekend we held an Easter Egg hunt in our yard for our grandkids. We hid over 300 eggs and they had a blast trying to find them. We had a wonderful time.

On Sunday morning we were privileged to enjoy a beautiful Easter sacrament meeting and partake of the sacrament. In the afternoon, our family all came for Easter dinner and it was great to be all together at the end of this most special of all celebrations.
"Hooray for Easter!" Charly yelled out as Brandon reached her up to the sky!
My brother Sam, brought us his latest carved bear he had made. Each one gets bigger and bigger! They are all very cute!


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