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I hope you enjoy my postings. My husband and I are serving a mission in Romania and have had some wonderful adventures. Each of us have experiences in our life that make us different from that time forth. These experiences have done that for us.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This week . . .

Three of our grandkids, Hannah, Charly and Nicolas, got to have their picture taken with Elder Christofferson this past Sunday. I told Hannah she may not get this opportunity again and she was very shy about it. She recently got her recommend to do baptisms in the temple and is excited for her first time to go.
I wish Spring would really get here! These darn deer won't leave the field next to our house and I know the minute my roses bloom they will eat them! We have a small herd of about a dozen that can't get it into their little heads that deer belong on the mountain....not the city limits of Draper! Well, I have to admit that the two little fawns are sure cute! In this picture they were just daring me to come closer. About a week ago we were at the cabin and their must have been hundreds of deer in this big open meadow. As we drove down a dirt road I saw a group of about twenty next to the fence. We stopped the car to look at them and they started to lope away. I rolled down my window and yelled, "You teenage deer, stop this instant, turn around and listen to me!" I was shocked when the whole herd immediately stopped, turned around, stood there and stared at me! They left me speechless. I finally said, "well, you can go now. I just wanted to tell you to mind your manners and not eat the flowers in people's yards. Be good deer and stay out of trouble." I'll be darned if those deer didn't turn around and run away as soon as I was through talking! It was the weirdest thing. I swear they listened to what I was saying to them!This last week, our Granddaughter, Zoey Sutherland performed in her class play, "A Comedy of Errors" by Shakespear. She got to play the role of the old father, who the King and everyone else, was trying to chase out of the town and kill. She did a great job and had to memorize a lot of lines!
Zoey is the "guy" with the white shirt, tan vest and white beard! "His" hands are also tied together with a rope! I didn't recognise her at first! Way to go Zoey!


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