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I hope you enjoy my postings. My husband and I are serving a mission in Romania and have had some wonderful adventures. Each of us have experiences in our life that make us different from that time forth. These experiences have done that for us.

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Church in Romania

Going to church is always a new adventure. This country is truly a pioneering effort when it comes to the growth of our church here. The way the church is run at home is like a smoothly oiled piece of machinery. Here, it's like a roller coaster ride and you never know what is going to happen next! I say this with a smile because I love our members and how hard they try to serve and do everything the best way possible. Here are a few interesting examples from the last couple of weeks:
John got a message from a member in one of the Branches who was very upset because (1) An individual was called to a new calling, from the pulpit, without an interview first. (2) This person was called to be a counselor in the Primary presidency without consulting with the Primary president first. (3) It turns out that this new counselor was a man! (3) The Branch president called the Primary president's husband to be her new counselor! And even worse, (4) the person reporting this to President Ashby was really upset because the Branch President didn't let the Relief Society president choose the counselor first. Huh??? Yeah, that's what we said too!

Next, we went to church where the District President was conducting. He forgot to let the man say the opening prayer after we sang the opening song. Not one, but at least ten people yelled out "Prayer, prayer!"

A young man was playing the organ for the music and since it was his first time in the building to play, his mother was sitting on the front row videoing the whole thing.

The topic in church today was morality. Two people spoke and gave great talks. The third person walked up, turned to the Branch President and told him she had decided to change the topic he gave her as she didn't want to talk about that. She then gave a different talk while we all just looked at her in surprise.

Our intermediate hymn was Silent Night.

Last of all one of our sacrament prayers was in Romanian and the other in English. Very touching.

There you have it. We never know what might happen next but I want you to know we love the innocence and pure hearts these people have in trying to live the gospel. We are so lucky to be a part of this great work. Posted by Picasa