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Monday, June 04, 2007

The new Alexandria Branch

Yesterday was another milestone for our mission! President and Sora Ashby, the Assistants (Elders Despain and Boardman), and Elder and Sora Boyle traveled to Alexandria to attend church and formerly establish a new branch in that city. We were so thrilled and the members in Alexandria could hardly believe it....the dream had become a reality for them. There are now 20 baptized members in Alexandria and that is enough for them to have their own branch. President Ashby set apart Brother Matei Marian as the new branch president and brother Matei Oprea Tudor as his first counselor. It was fast and testimony meeting and testimonies were borne with tears and joy. President Matei reminisced about their first missionaries, Elders Irion and Shawver, and how they did so much to start the work in their city and were a big part in making this day come to pass. He also thanked the missionaries who have since served and talked of their dedicated service and help. Currently, Elders Haddock and Sumbot are in this branch. A week ago it was transfer meeting and it was time for Elder Adams to go home. He begged President Ashby to let him stay in Alexandria just one more transfer. He too loved this city so much. It was not to be but we were touched by his sincere desire. This has been one of the tender mercies of the Lord in behalf of these people. It is also a wonderful miracle for all of us.
The following pictures show the new branch president and his wife, Matei Anca, with President and Sora Ashby. The new Villa our members meet in (which, by the way, is beautiful!) and, everyone who attended Sacrament meeting today at the formation of the Alexandria Branch.


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