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I hope you enjoy my postings. My husband and I are serving a mission in Romania and have had some wonderful adventures. Each of us have experiences in our life that make us different from that time forth. These experiences have done that for us.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

An Apostle Visits Romania

This past week and a half has been a busy and very inspirational time for us, our missionaries and the members. It’s rare that you get one of the twelve apostles to visit your mission and even rarer yet for them to spend almost eight days with you! Elder D. Todd Chritofferson and his wife, Kathy, came to Romania and stayed with us in the mission home. Our schedule was very busy but one that exposed a lot of people to the teaching and testimony of one of the Savior’s special witnesses…a blessing that will be felt for a long time to come.
On the weekend of April 19th and 20th, the Christofferson’s presided at and attended the Bucharest District Conference. The Panduri building was full to the brim with people. Members listened to counsel from President Ashby, one of our area seventy, Elder Gorts, Sister Christofferson and then Elder Christofferson. A very special part of his talk was when he left an apostolic blessing on the members in Romania. There were quite a few tears shed. After the conference meeting on Sunday, Elder Christofferson held a question and answer meeting for all of the YSA. The young adults asked questions ranging from how he felt being called as an apostle to Word of Wisdom issues. Elder Christofferson has a quiet sense of humor and a humble manner when speaking. The youth loved him and would have continued with their questions all day if allowed.
On Monday the 21st, we held zone conference for the missionaries in the Bucharest zones and the Brasov zone. Elder Christofferson spent a few minutes teaching and then asked the missionaries for their questions. He referred them to Heb. 13:17 and told them that a Mission President watches over the souls of his missionaries. He said that this is no accident. The Lord intended that these missionaries would be with this mission president at this time. He told them that they would learn from President Ashby what they need to know at this time and in this place. The same goes for the couples. He also referred them to D&C 6: 9 and to D&C 18:10-15. He taught how we must have pure hearts and clean hands and be willing to let go of everything and lay ourselves on the altar of Christ and completely change whatever we need to change in order to fully submit ourselves to Him.

Well, he taught us much and then gave the missionaries time to answer all kinds of questions relating to missionary work….how to have the faith to find the elect……study time……discouragement……loving those who are rude…..etc. Once he started to answer a question it seemed as though he could teach for hours on just that one question. We learned a lot and everyone of us left with gratitude and humility over the sacred callings we hold.
Later in the afternoon we took a few minutes to show the Christofferson’s the “People’s Palace”, which is the second largest building in the world. After a short tour there we took them to the Peasant’s Museum to see some of the culture in Romania. Tuesday morning we left early, loaded the big van and headed out for Moldova. We had to get there for a fireside with the Branch members that evening and zone conference on Wednesday morning. The Assistants, Elders Jepson and Linsenmeyer followed us. They were our official “body guards”! On the way we picked up Elder and Sora Hanson in Ploiesti who traveled with us to Chisinau.
It took us about 9 hours to get to Moldova! The scenry was gorgeous and it was a beautiful drive but we were happy when we arrived. About half-way there we stopped at a village well for a rest and a little snack.
That night we held a fireside for the members and the Vila chapel was stuffed with members and investigators. The spirit was powerful and Elder Christofferson talked about how we must endure our trials and love all people as the Savior loves us. If we do this we open ourselves up so the Lord can bless us…and he will! Again, he left a powerful apostolic blessing on the people in Moldova and the members living here. Afterward he shook everyone’s hand and patiently allowed them to take photographs and speak with him. The spirit was very strong and the people here will also remember this night for a long time to come.
That night, when we arrived back in Bucharest, Sora Larson and Sora Betham fixed us a lovely dinner. We were so grateful for that!

On Thursday morning we got up Way Early and flew to Arad for another zone conference and Fireside.
Our Zone Conference was held Thursday morning with the missionaries serving in Arad, Oradea, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara and Deva. That evening we held a fireside in the National Theatre, a beautiful building that had a room big enough to hold the 125 people who attended. Again, the spirit was powerful and this was a very touching time for all of us.
Early on Friday morning we drove to Timisoara where the Christofferson’s caught a plane to London and their next assignment. We caught a plane back to Bucharest and immediately got working on Tranfer board---- this coming week is transfers, AGAIN!
This was a very special week for our mission and one we wanted to share with you!

Elder Christofferson said that if he lived to be 97 (like President Hinckley did) he would visit again for sure! But, for now, Goodby Romania!
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Friday, April 11, 2008

Oh The Road Again....

The first two weeks of April have consisted of many hours driving around the country doing an Interview tour. Normally we do this with each zone right after we have zone conference. Plans changed this month when we found out we were having Elder Christofferson come to Romania to preside over our District Conference on the 19th and 20th of the month. He then is going to do Zone Conference with us in Bucharest, Moldova and Arad. With the schedule we are on that week we have no time for interviews! So here we are, traveling the country. I won't comment much but thought I would share some fun photos of this trip.
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We stopped to help some gypsies who were broken down. They were shocked that we would stop and were very grateful.An ancient tower guarding the pass between two mountains.
Farmers wave as we pass them on the road.
Timisoara round-about view.
Elders Chesley, Patterson, Horgmo and Bennett in fromt of the Timisoara Vila.
Spring is definitely here when we see all the Mama and Daddy storkes return to their nests!

Elder Kirk and Elder Rakozy in Arad say they love it here!

Time to fill up AGAIN! Sora Taylor and Sora Harrison show off the Arad Vila.

It's really spring! The farmers are plowing their fields. We had to take of photo of this one as he is actually using and ancient tractor and not a horse and plow!

Sora Petersen and Sora Ertel, along with Elders Manzione and Valentine of the Oradea district, cheerfully prepares their lunch!

Elders Rigby and Loveland pose with Sora Runyan Sora Thompson next to the Cluj-Napoca Vila.

This sweet lady in a little village showed me her wonderful collection of Romanian plates.
The BYU girls in Iasi who work in the Orphanage there.

The Branch Presidency and Relief Society Presidency from Iasi. We did interviews with our missionaries and attended Branch Conference while there. President Ashby and I both spoke there for our last time.

This member is a musician who sings and plays at restaurants and on the radio. He is very talented and has compiled and played his own compositions of LDS hymns. He gifted us with a CD of these hymns. It is very beautiful and was very generous of him.
Elder Stinson loves Iasi!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Great Couples

I want to quickly introduce you to two new couples who recently arrived in our mission. Elder and Sister VanNoy joined us the end of March and are now serving in Bucharest. They will run the Outreach Center in the Panduri building and also take care of Public Relations needs for our mission. We are so excited to have them with us.
Sadly, we lost the Reeds. They spent most of their mission serving in Moldova doing CES with the Youth but had an opportunity to spend the last 6 months of their mission in Bucharest. As much as we are happy for them to see their family again, we will sorely miss them. I don't have a picture of the Lofgreens here but they also left in March and we are sorely missing them!
Last, but not least, we welcome the Jessee's from New York to our mission! The Jessee' are serving in Arad and taking the place of the Watson's in the western part of the country. Much to their surprise, we moved the Watson's to Constanta for the last three months of their service. They are looking forward to a new adventure there! It is amazing how much good the couples do in the mission field. We wish every retired couple in the church would serve a mission. People here adore them and want to emulate them. They help the church grow and strengthen testimonies in so many ways!
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Stinging Nettle

On our journey we stopped for interviews in Brasov with Sora Bingham, Sora Rappleye, Elder Williams, Elder Waters, Elder Richey and Elder Campbell. While enjoying ANOTHER McDonald's lunch the Sisters explained the delicacy of eating Stinging Nettle! It sounded pretty scary to me but they swear it is tasty and very healthy for you! It's good for the sinus'and allergies, and is loaded with iron. (How can you beat that!)
Since Easter is the end of this month you will find signs In many restaurants exponding on the foods they have available for "the fast". This fast lasts for about 30 days and consists of giving up all animal products. This is practiced before Easter and is also done at Christmas time. I believe this is a cleanse for their bodies.
I think Sora Rappleye can explain just how to use stinging nettel and have posted the following video for that reason!
Well, are you ready to try some! :) Oh, be careful handling it! It can "sting" you even though it is only picked in the spring while very young and tender! I know----it got me! I had a hard time wondering how my tongue would handle that! Well, I guess you could add it to your "Emergency Survival information kit" for use in an emergency!
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